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“We provide assistance to aging ministers and missionaries facing specific health or financial crises. Partnering with churches and individuals to raise gifts and donations, we make benevolent grants honoring the legacy of these faithful Kingdom servants.”


The Kairos Benevolence Fund exists to provide compassion and care for ministry colleagues. The fund is administered by Kairos Legacy Partners, a member of the Provision Ministry Group.

Individuals wishing to apply to the Kairos Benevolence Fund for assistance should complete all of the following information. You must be willing to be contacted by a Kairos staff member for additional clarification or details. Kairos Legacy Partners uses a team of experienced ministry, missionary and business professionals, geographically located throughout the United States, to evaluate each application. Kairos Legacy Partners will provide you with a final determination regarding your eligibility to receive a grant. An individual may submit more than one application form for each unique and specific need. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout this process. Grants are generally only available for one-time specific payments and are not usually available on a monthly or recurring basis.

Once you have completed the information requested, you may click submit to send the information electronically, or you may print and mail the form to Kairos Benevolence Fund, Attention: David Pace, 2050 Main St., Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92614-8270.

Download and print this form as a .pdf

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To the best of your ability, in the space provided below, briefly describe what you believe to be the most important need(s) to be met by the Kairos Benevolence Fund, the situation that created the need(s), the amount of financial assistance needed to meet the need(s), and how quickly the need(s) must be satisfied. (The block below will expand if you need more space to write): *

Have you applied to any other private or public organization to assist with meeting this need? *

    If yes, please name the organizations:

Have you met with any financial advisors or counselors to address plans for meeting your needs long term? *

    If yes, who did you meet with?


Please briefly describe, in the space provided below, the history of your ministry and/or missionary service together with the approximate dates, places, and names of churches and/or organizations: *

Are you presently employed? * YesNo

    If yes, are you? FulltimePart-time
    If not, are you? RetiredDisabledUnemployedOther

If you are married, is your spouse currently employed? *YesNo

    If yes, are they? FulltimePart-time
    If not, are they? RetiredDisabledUnemployedOther

If you are married and your spouse is currently employed, what is the name of their employer?

If you or your spouse are not Retired or Disabled, and are currently Unemployed, please briefly describe your efforts to find employment and indicate whether you are currently receiving any unemployment benefits or severance benefits from the government or a former employer.


Do you own the home that you are currently living in? * YesNo

    If yes, do you have a mortgage loan? YesNo
    Amount remaining on your mortgage?

Do you own a home that you are not currently living in? * YesNo

    If yes, please indicate why:

If you are not living in a home that you own, please indicate which option best describes your situation:

Please indicate how long you have lived at your present location:


If you are requesting housing assistance, have you told your Lender, Landlord or other housing provider about your need?


Please supply the name and contact information for at least 3 individuals that you would be willing for Kairos Legacy Partners to contact regarding your need(s). Again, please be assured that all information discussed will remain confidential.

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2. *

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If you are unwilling to supply references for this application, please describe your reluctance in the space provided below:


How did you hear about the Ministry of the Kairos Benevolence Fund:

I spoke with a KBF RepresentativeI saw a KBF video presentationOn the Kairos websiteFrom a friendFrom a Center for Church Leadership RepresentativeOther – please explain


By typing or printing your initials in the box provided below you are certifying the accuracy of the information you have provided above, that you have carefully read the opening paragraphs, that Kairos Legacy Partners has your permission to share the details of this application with its Benevolence Fund Grant Committee, and that Kairos Legacy Partners may contact you, and persons you recommend, for more information.

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